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Year 10 at SIT - December 2011

Year 10 at SIT - taken at the end of Term 4, 2011. Students experienced two areas of their choice.

CSC Junior Prizegiving 2011

Photos taken at the CSC Junior Prizegiving - 2011

CSC Senior Prizegiving

Photos taken at the CSC Senior Prizegiving - 2011
A Haka and a Waiata for Mrs Boys
(A thank you from the Whanau Group)

Variety Show 2011

Photos from the 2011 Variety Show. 
A short clip of "Rainbow Connection" playing at the Variety Show...

Rainbow Connection at the Variety Show

Year 13 Trade Skills Engineering Recumbent Trike Project.
The trike now has the transmission rigged up for testing. The parts are "tacked" into place enabling them to be moved or modified after testing. The steering design functions well. The trike is set in a single gear at this stage, when the group are certain that the chain and transmission run reliably, they will rig the other gears.

Transmission test 2.wmv

Photos from the School Production - "Streuth"
The photos are all below, divided into 5 sets. If you get access to Google Apps, you can see them at home too.

Streuth Set 1


Streuth Set 2


Streuth Set 3


Streuth Set 4


Streuth Set 5


Rockquest 2011


Athletics 2011


Octathlon 2011

1st 15 Haka at Airport

Train Wreck SFRQ 2011